Fantastic Canyon University (GCU) encourages all mothers and categories of potential people to the local mom to mom Expertise Sessions

Which is designed to help your family generate an educated institution decision, know more about daily life as a GCU adult right from a present GCU children within domain. They’ll express his or her knowledge about you and address inquiries maybe you have. (more)

Enjoy GCU Virtual Info Sessions

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People and family members from around the nation happen to be asked to understand more about scholastic tools at GCU from the comfort of property! Indulge virtually with a course advancement specialist, listen to an introduction to academic offerings, find out about internships and bars, ask questions and much more. GCU is going to be offering bi-weekly times for your implementing services:

Colangelo school of Business school of knowledge university of great artistry and manufacturing college or university of humanity and cultural Sciences College of breastfeeding and health related occupations school of technology, Engineering and engineering design institution of technology, technology and Technology Pre-Health college or university of medicine, Engineering and tech technologies university of Theology GCU nightclub Sports activities GCU respects school (more)


With the help of our resolve for following CDC advice for security, GCU makes the clever commitment to adjust Cyber Saturday offerings to a virtual structure.

Thank you for your interest in going to a Cyber facility of Excellence course! This really is an original chance of individuals who are fascinated about the cybersecurity area and a high-impact profession which is vibrant and fast-growing with many advancement options. Youll create an internal evaluate cybersecurity and types professions around, while using higher level technologies and taking part in active recreation and demonstrations.

GCU LIVE Cadaver Laboratory Webinars

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GCU Disk Drive

Future Activities

GCU Moms And Dad and Household Webinar Show

Large Canyon school is internet hosting multimedia support classes helping provides you with the software and information you need to greatly help prepare your scholar for college.

Digital Adult to Parent Ideas Sessions

Big Canyon University (GCU) attracts all parents and groups of prospective youngsters to your territorial Parent to mom Know-how trainings.

Designed to help your family render an informed college or university investment, find out about living as a GCU parent right from a current GCU family in your area. They will discuss their unique knowledge about you and also respond any queries maybe you have. (more)


Enroll with Grand Canyon Institution for an online Scholarships Or Grants Night. As soon as selecting an university it is necessary for moms and dads and college students to understand the charges, charge, grants and just how national financial aid work.

Examine GCU Internet Information Sessions

College students and families from around the region include invited for more information on academic systems at GCU without leaving room! Engage just about with a program growth professional, hear an overview of academic choices, uncover internships and groups, seek advice plus. GCU are giving bi-weekly times the implementing programs:

Colangelo university of organization institution of degree college or university of excellent artistry and generation school of Humanities and friendly Sciences school of medical and healthcare vocations College of practice, technology and development design university of technology, Engineering and technological innovation Pre-Health institution of visit the website here technology, manufacturing and innovation development institution of Theology GCU dance club football GCU awards school (more)

Cyber Center of Superiority Course

With the help of our commitment to adhering to CDC assistance for safety, GCU has created the clever determination to regulate Cyber Saturday offerings to a virtual formatting.

Thanks a ton for your specific fascination with going to a Cyber facility of Excellence Workshop! This could be a distinctive chance for those who find themselves contemplating the cybersecurity subject and a high-impact profession which is compelling, fast-growing and ever-changing with infinite growth. Youll come an internal look at cybersecurity and types of career in the market, while using higher level techniques and participating in practical techniques and demos. (more)