Think Your Ex Partner Had Been Bad? Browse These Terrible Dating Stories

Friends of FLARE rounded up their legit worst dating experiences—all for the satisfaction

Dating could possibly be the worst.

Between deadbeat dudes, f-ck boys, ghosting and straight-up terrible very very very first impressions, getting to learn some body romantically can keep you feeling… drained. Simply view any period for the Bachelor or The Hills if you want further evidence. In the event that you’ve ever experienced like love is a battlefield full of shitty dudes waiting to stomp in your heart which makes you select the cheque up (or at least waste your valued time), have actually no fear—we’ve all been there.

For the reason that character, some buddies of FLARE generously consented to share their most terrible dating tales. From not-so-discreet hook-up requests to poop-stained PJ pants, listed below are tragic items that have actually occurred to us IRL. You’re welcome, with no, we’re perhaps not sorry for sharing.

Unforgivable very first times

The man whom valued “experiences” over “things”

The Starbucks date didn’t get started terribly—he was about 5 ins reduced so I felt like it all balanced out than he’d claimed to be, but was also WAY cuter than his profile photo. (also to be clear: their real height is really a non-issue; lying about this ended up being the downside.) But once we really began chatting, we felt as with any this dude wished to do was sjust how exactly how

and differing he had been. Hit one: He stated he preferred to invest their cash on experiences in the place of things. We agreed, and began dealing with my love of travel—at which point, he interrupted us to probably say I “still owned Uggs though”… after which he LOOKED OVER MY FOOTWEAR TO SEE IF HE HAD BEEN RIGHT. At that point, we understood i did son’t need certainly to watch for three hits. We straight away developed an exit plan: We needed seriously to select up something special for my niece at Sephora. He adopted me personally towards the shop, sharing their ideas on makeup products and viewpoints on girls who wear an excessive amount of all of it the way in which. We would not carry on a 2nd date.—stacy

The guy who was simply next-level creepy

My foray into internet dating had beenn’t just what we expected. Prior to this specially horrendous date, I’d just met some body from Tinder when (he had been a bouncer at a club we frequented and now we played Mario Kart for just two times before calling it quits). After hearing several success tales, I made a decision to offer it a go once again. I became 24 and coping with my parents and figured brand new 12 months, new me personally, right? INCORRECT. My Tinder date, to start with, arrived to your date spot—a Timothy’s Cafe—unfashionably 30 minutes belated. Then he proceeded to inform me personally about their anti-sex Catholic upbringing, their desire to have a homemaking spouse and his penchant for feet. I’m perhaps not anyone to judge people due to their fetishes but, correct me personally if I’m incorrect, this defs wasn’t a primary date point that is talking.

The date finished with a significantly unwelcome kiss that is sloppy my parents’ van into the parking great deal, and a powerful need to never ever see this person once more. Ends up, he had other plans. I’d allow it to slip where I worked, that has been a reasonable distance from where We came across him and where he lived. a week later on, he showed up inside my host to employment… for a—wait for Recommended Site it—interview. He reached an entire brand new degree of creep. When he got employed, we asked for change times that failed to overlap along with his. Sooner or later, he got fired for harassing a customer, that I warned my boss about at that time. Hate to express we said therefore, but… JK, it is loved by me.—Meaghan

Date rating: 1/10 (the tea I ended up being purchased by him had been good, and so the “1” is for Timothy’s)